'Drutter' replaces golf clubs, spares golfers' back pain

May 1, 2013 (FRANKFORT, Ill.)

"This is a Drutter. A Drutter is a combination of a driver up here and a putter at the bottom. It is a combination of the word driver and putter," said Kapadia.

The 73-year-old retired mechanical engineer hasn't played golf in several years. It was getting to be too painful to play. Not his painful golf scores, his aching back.

"I invented it because I have a bad back. I have three herniated discs. I can't bend down and put the ball on the tee and I can't swing a club. The Drutter solves all of that," said Kapadia.

With his slingshot Drutter he's like a David against the Goliaths of the golf industry. But he doesn't care because the somewhat limited distance is good enough for him.

"with the drutter you might go a hundred to a hundred and fifty yards for a muscular person," said Kapadia.

Dino says the greatest thing about the Drutter is that it's so accurate.

"The Drutter is better because there are no hooks or slices. The ball goes where you point it. It's not going to go off line except maybe for the wind," said Kapadia.

And when you get to the green, just shorten the shaft to give you one of those popular belly putters. Kapadia is making the Drutter now in his workshop and he sells it for $100.

"It's a huge advantage because you avoid most of the hazards," said Kapadia.

The Drutter: coming soon to a driving range and par three course near you.

For more information on the Drutter, visit: http://www.drutter.biz/
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