WCL: 2013 prom hair trends: Ponytails, beach and buns

Prom 2013 is all about the timeless look -- no trendy hairdos that will make you go "ewwww" when you look back at the pictures years from now. Hair expert is Vivian Arpino, who owns BloOuts Blow Dry bar in Highland Park. She is also a former hair stylist for the Oprah Winfrey Show.

    The three trends are:
  • Pony tail
    A sleek simply pony will complete the look without being overdone.
    Tips: put the hair in a tight pony then take a few strands of hair and wrap around the ponytail.
  • Beachy look
    Hair styling trends are moving away from overly elaborated dos and towards a more soft and natural feel.
    Tips: diffuse hair and then go in with a big barrel iron for that beachy look.
  • Bun
    This look is smooth luxurious and always modern.
    Tips: put hair in a high pony tail and then use a donut and simply wrap hair around it to achieve this look.

For more about Vivian Arpino, visit bloouts.com

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