Ex-hooker estate fight nets daughters claim

May 2, 2013 (SAN FRANCISCO)

A Santa Clara County judge on Tuesday found "clear and convincing evidence" that the 7-and 9-year-old girls were Kumra's children.

Entrepreneur Kumra was found murdered in his Monte Sereno, Calif., mansion in November. His wife had been assaulted. Lucas Anderson, Javier Garcia and Deangelo Austin are accused of murder. Police say a fourth suspect, Raven Dixon, is a prostitute who had a relationship with Kumra.

Court documents found by KGO-TV include accusations that Kumra tried to hide millions of dollars in assets from his business partners.

Documents in the case have been sealed by a Santa Clara County judge. Police still aren't saying how he was killed. Austin is reportedly a member of an Oakland street gang called "The Money Team," a group that's tied to drugs and home invasions. Garcia is said to be a member of a West Oakland gang called "Ghost Town." Two years ago, a multi-agency task force decapitated the leadership of Ghost Town. Many of the remaining members then allied themselves with The Money Team.

"They were like going through into the back, so we just walked in the closet and hide," a young boy told KGO-TV in August of 2012. He was one of two brothers who hid in a closet in their house in Fremont during a home invasion. According to published reports, members of The Money Team were responsible for that attempted robbery.

"We're talking about murders, robberies, and shootings," Oakland Police Chief Howard Jordan said, referring to The Money Team. As he addressed a recent spate of shootings, Jordan identified The Money Team as one of two feuding groups responsible for the rising violence in his city.

Sources say Raven Dixon worked as a prostitute and that Kumra was a regular customer. A source with knowledge of the investigation said Dixon had talked openly with friends about her relationship with Kumra. The source also said that Garcia somehow heard about it and that he told Austin about her wealthy client and where he lived. Austin, Garcia, and Anderson then reportedly planned the home invasion.

All of the four arrested face gang enhancement charges. The initial police report says Dixon was wearing a Gucci belt which the arresting officer noted is a symbol of an Oakland street gang. Prosecutors may have found other reasons since Dixon's arrest to charge her with the gang enhancement.

Dixon's lawyer says he has talked to his client many times and she insists that she's never met the other three defendants before.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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