Police issue community alert after alleged rape, robbery near Loyola campus

May 6, 2013 (CHICAGO)

The victim's mother has talked to ABC7 News and was critical of police for not issuing an alert sooner.

It happened Thursday in broad daylight in the 6300 block of North Clark.

The victim said she was grabbed while waiting for a bus at a Clark 22 bus stop.

They carry pepper spray and travel in numbers. Some Loyola University students say even though this is a busy area where they feel relatively safe, they're not about to take any chances while waiting for a bus, especially after hearing about a former Loyola student who says she was sexually assaulted last Thursday afternoon after a man grabbed her at the same stop.

"It's really scary, especially since we live in area," said Lisa Regganie.

Renee tells ABC-7 the suspect grabbed her daughter Alexandra by the neck forced her into as nearby alley where Alexandra says was sexually assaulted on a stairwell.

Renee says her daughter tried calling 911, but her attacker grabbed her phone. All of this happened just down the street from a police station.

"I feel helpless and I'm not being guided on what we can do to help. This happened in broad daylight," she said. "He was not disguised in any way. She was able to give a full description, clothing, approximate height, weight, age. I feel that nothing was done."

While her daughter managed to get to a hospital, Renee doesn't believe the police are doing enough on their end. She said despite a detailed description of the suspect, there's been no call for a sketch artist. Meanwhile, this tearful mother knows her daughter must get past this.

"I know she is an adult, but I know she has to go back and move on," she said.

Even though the crime happened in broad daylight in a very busy intersection, no one saw anything. A diner is less than 10 feet away from the bus stop and the people inside the diner said they did not see anything, although they did say at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, the diner is usually empty, as it is their least busiest time. There are also no surveillance cameras outside.

Police continue to investigate.

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