Infant in car seat found in closet at daycare, Social Services says


In their filed complaint, Social Services recommends that the daycare owner never be employed or be in contact with any facility regulated or licensed by their department. A notice has been posted on the door of the daycare to alert the community that it will remain closed for the time being.

Social Services had received a specific complaint against the owner, Stephanie Newbrough, and on April 25, an investigator was sent to the home on Stratford Drive in Milpitas. The investigator was there for nearly two hours and found an infant boy strapped in a car seat in a closet. Documents reveal that the child was facing the back closet wall.

Neighbors in the Milpitas community were horrified. "Really? Wow. That is pretty bad. That is really a surprise to be honest with you," Ed Chan told ABC7 News.

The owner's license has been suspended and she has until mid-May to appeal. The Department of Social Services is asking that her license be revoked. That department also contacted Milpitas police.

"We received some allegations from the Community Care Licensing, which is a division of the Department of Social Services," said Lt. Sandra Holliday with Milpitas police. Holliday said the department is currently conducting an investigation.

When the investigator went in, she found nine children, three of them infants under the care of the owner, and a helper. According to social services, the owner was complying with state regulations which require two child care providers for up to 14 kids.

The owner did not return calls from ABC7 News.

If police find that there was any kind of child abuse, the district attorney will likely press charges.

Editorial Note: In the video, Lt. Holliday misspoke when she said the department is currently under investigation. She later contacted ABC7 News to clarify her statement.

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