How to boost Vitamin D

May 13, 2013 (CHICAGO)

The number 1 source of vitamin D is the sun. However, more exposure to sunlight may carry the consequences of overexposure which can increase risk for skin damage and melanoma. Dietary supplementation may offer a more practical solution. Registered Dietitian, David Grotto has a look at the foods we can eat to increase our vitamin D intake.

We have an epidemic of vitamin D insufficiency/deficiency. Low vitamin D has been linked to increased risk of osteoporosis, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, MS and depression. It's hard to meet your needs through food. Sunlight and supplements are your best source. Have your doctor test your vitamin D levels.

David's top 6 ways to boost your Vitamin D intake

1. Sunscreen - Sun is #1 source. Not being exposed to it no help or wearing sunscreen blocks it.
2. Tuna – 6 i.u./serving. Need 100 servings to meet needs.
3. Salmon -11. i.u. Need 55 servings to meet needs
4. Rainbow Trout -16 i.u. Need 37 servings to meet needs.
5.Mushrooms and powder- 1 cup = 400 i.u. (UV light exposed) 1 tsp power = 600 i.u.
6. Supplements –plenty to choose from – capsules or chewables.

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