Former Ald. Sandi Jackson's family begs judge for leniency

May 13, 2013 (CHICAGO)

Unlike her nationally-famous husband who is drawing support from other well-known public figures, Mrs. Jackson has submitted to the court letters from loved ones, begging for mercy.

Here in Washington, the Jackson family waits out the calendar until that July sentencing date.

Late this afternoon, DC District Judge Amy Jackson - no relation - posted letters in the court file that she received on Mrs. Jackson's behalf, including one that appears to be scratched out in crayon and claims to have been written by a five-year-old cousin.

After striking a deal with federal prosecutors, Mrs. Jackson pleaded guilty to filing false joint income tax returns that understated the couple's income.

Some of the unreported income was spent on home furnishings and personal luxury items and investigators say had been illegally converted from campaign funds.

She faces up to two years in prison.

But these letters filed late today on her behalf, relatives - many of them children - beg the judge to keep her free.

From an 11-year-old cousin "i wouldn't like for her children to be sad when they find out she's in prisin [sic]."

Another cousin: "They (children) shouldn't have to be without their mother because of someone else wrong doings."

Another cousin: "We all make mistakes in life but the thing is to learn from them and I no [sic] Sandi is the type of woman to learn from hers."

And from Sandi's 14-year-old cousin: "I see that all of this has put an emotional stress on her and her children. I wouldn't know where I would be without my mother because she gave me life and blessed me with guidance and good examples for life. I ask that you be very lenient on the final decision."

The ex-congressman is taking a more businesslike approach in his efforts to persuade the judge to go easy on him. On Monday, a typewritten letter was submitted on his behalf written by a democratic congressman from Texas.

That letter cites Mr. Jackson's accomplishments, but also notes his wrongdoing and that he profoundly regrets the terrible decisions he made.

Read letters sent on behalf of Ms. Jackson

Read letters sent on behalf of Mr. Jackson

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