I Care Week set to curb violence

May 17, 2013 (CHICAGO)

Teens from Saint Sabina are hoping their efforts can help stop the violence on our city streets. Students and community leaders are handing out flyers to promote their annual I Care Week. It's a way of letting other teens know they are ready for peace. They chose the South Side corner at 79th and Racine because it has become a hot spot.

"People have been shot there. Kids are getting their pockets ran. It's not a safe place," said Kristina Bogan.

Just steps away from the busy intersection is a visible reminder of what happens when peace is shattered. A wall is a memorial to young people who have lost their lives to gun violence, including Terrell Bosley. He was murdered in 2006 while leaving church. His mother now serves as the church's violence prevention manager.

"I was in banking for over 20 years, but after his horrible experience that happened to me I realized... if I don't help other youth that's in trouble, it could happen to my other two children," said Pamela Bosley.

The youth group that Pam Bosley coordinates calls themselves BRAVE, an acronym meaning Bold Resistance Against Violence Everywhere. As they fine-tune presentations and draft signs for the event, they hope their voices will have an impact.

"Peers have a better connection and you listen more to peers than you do to adults," said Trevon Bosley, victim's brother.

"I often heard that sometimes you cannot reach everybody, but if you can reach somebody, then your job has been complete," said Lamar Johnson, youth organizer.

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