Pit bull attacks Glendale Miller, 9, in South Side Roseland neighborhood

May 20, 2013 (CHICAGO)

It happened Sunday night in the 200-block of West 112th Place in the Roseland neighborhood.

Glendale Miller's family tells us this isn't the first time the neighbor's pit bull had gotten loose and gone onto their property.

However, it was the first time the dog attacked someone. Even though the dog has been put down, the boy's family is speaking out, hoping others pit bull owners will think twice before leaving them unrestrained.

"They tried to say they're sorry and apologize, it's just what's done is done, it's not enough to say sorry," the victim's cousin Christine Daniel said.

It will be a few more days before Miller can leave the hospital and go home but his family is grateful that the nine-year-old's injuries aren't worse.

"We were always scared. Would never go to the candy store over there. We would rather walk the opposite way and go to the actual store, than support the little store because of the dog," Daniel said.

The attack came out of nowhere.

"We ran in the alley, and it caught Glendale and I started yelling for help," the victim's uncle Lano Miller said. "He started biting his hand, then his wrist, then his left leg."

Amidst the cries for help, the pit bull's owner came out and strangled the dog, according to Lano Miller.

Glendale Miller was rushed to Christ Hospital, where he had to undergo seven hours of surgery.

At this point we just want to get the message out. If you have pit bulls, put a chain on it. Get a higher fence, get a gate," Daniel said.

Animal care and control confirms that the pit bull was put down and that they are currently making sure that it did not have rabies.

The dog's owner was cited for not having the proper license to own a pit bull, failure to restrain an animal and giving it the required shots, according to police.

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