A house call for your grill? Detailers make cookouts easy- and clean

May 21, 2013 (CHICAGO)

The Coley Gas Grill detailers make house calls. They bring the tools of their trade, industrial strength cleaners, stiff bushes and steel wool. It's six workers with one mission: to turn your nasty, grease-covered gas grill into an almost new griller of the finest of backyard recipes.

"You look inside some of these grills you'll see char that's probably been on there for five years or as long as the person had the grill," Chris Coley, gas grill detailers, said.

Coley has been doing this for 23 years now and this, of course, is his busy time when the grungy grills come out and the odors of last fall still longer inside.

"Barbeque sauce, and marinade and whatever else they put on those meats," Coley said.

"We can do up to six or seven at least a day," Chris Coley, Jr., said. "It's a lot of hard work."

"It's mainly elbow grease. And as you can see the guys that are working they got a lot of elbow on them," Coley said.

The elbow grease grill detailers are from Evanston and work mostly on the North Shore.

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