Wilmette twins break Guinness record with 24 sets in 5th grade class

May 22, 2013 (WILMETTE, Ill.)

"When we found out our school won out of the whole United States it was a big deal for us," said Sidney Gaines, a Highcrest student and twin.

Last December twins Ryan and Luke Novosel were flipping through the Guiness Book of World Records and discovered the current record for twins in one grade was 16 sets at a school in Iowa.

The school discovered another set of twins today in the fifth grade, bringing the total to 24. Parents were required to submit birth certificates, school registrations and a photo that was shot today.

All will be submitted tomorrow to Guinness.

"I would say 9-11 had something to do with it. Parents wanting to start families. Also the advancement of fertility drugs to this segment," said Nancy Fendley, mother of the Novosel twins.

The twins apparently love the attention they are getting, but most of all love just being a twin.

"You can trust them and they help you with your homework sometimes," said twin Evan Prendergast.

"You know what is so special about being a twin is that you have someone by your side," said twin Summer Gaines.

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