Bridgeport Bed and Breakfast neighbor to Sox Park

May 28, 2013 (CHICAGO)

Above the Polo Nuts & Candy and Café, there's the Bridgeport Bed and Breakfast.

"This is a three bedroom suite that allows up to six people to stay overnight after maybe a Sox game or maybe being in town for another event," Dave Samber, owner, Bridgeport Bed and Breakfast, said.

It's a third floor walkout, so you better be in major league shape. But once you get up there the old photos make it all worthwhile.

"There's all kinds of memorabilia that people have brought me. We've got pictures and shirts and even some bases behind me you see in the cabinet," Samber said.

There aren't any Sox tickets with the deal, but there is a nice place to sleep.

"This is the master suite bedroom of the Sox Suite. And it has a king-size, black leather, platform bed that's in an alcove," Samber said. An alcove surrounded by a field of corn.

"The corn is part of the motif of cornfields of Dyersville Field of Dreams where that wonderful movie was shot," Samber said. So he built it. "And they will come ... And they have come and they will keep coming as long as the Sox are here in Bridgeport."

It's $300 a night with breakfast. Do Cubs fans pay double?

Bridgeport Bed and Breakfast
3322 S. Morgan Chicago, IL 60608

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