President Obama returns to Kenwood home after attending fundraisers

May 29, 2013 (CHICAGO)

He returned to his Kenwood home Wednesday night after attending two fundraisers.

A hug and a handshake as President Obama arrives in Chicago to once again ask for financial help from some of the same people who were "his" earliest supporters.

President Obama is scheduled to be in Chicago for 19 hours. A relatively "long" visit if you go by the standard he's set since leaving town 4.5 years ago.

The President is in town raising money for fellow Democrats through a pair of fundraisers.

Here at the Hilton: The average ticket price is $1,750. Later, at a private dinner in Streeterville, supporters will pay an average of $13,000 to get in.

One package includes dinner for two, preferred seating and photo with Mr. Obama. Pricetag: $32,400.

All told, it will be a million dollar night for Democrats.

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is also in town, ironically declaring that money in politics holds back women and minorities.

"If you decrease the role of money and increase the amount of civility I promise you this: You will elect more women to elected office. You elect more, more minorities and more young people, faster," said Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-California).

Several protest groups are also hoping to steal some of the presidential spotlight, demonstrating against everything from war to abortion.

Earlier on Michigan Avenue, members of an immigrant rights group chained themselves together, stopping traffic and chanting in the street.

Police used small saws to cut through PVC piping to separate, then arrested about a dozen people.

The president plans on spending part of the morning here in Chicago. He has no "official" schedule and the White House won't say what he's planning to do.

Mr. Obama did tell supporters at that first fundraiser that he was keeping his remarks brief because the Hawks were playing Game 7 tonight.

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