Fan slaps Beyonce during Copenhagen concert

May 29, 2013 (COPENHAGEN, Denmark)

Beyonce, on her Mrs. Carter Tour, is too bootylicious for you still.

What's a superstar supposed to do when an overexcited fan puts his hand where it doesn't belong? A slap on the backside prompted a verbal slap from Beyonce.

Beyonce may be celebrated for her booty, but she almost had to boot out a fan for celebrating it a little too much. It happened at a concert in Copenhagen. Beyonce was interacting with fans. She shared her mic with a guy, and as she started to walk away, he gave her derriere a little slap.

Beyonce sashayed away. Fans captured the swat from all angles and debated it online.

"If you don't want it slapped girlfriend--stop flaunting it in their faces" versus "just because she performs for a living, doesn't give you the right to violate her."

Reporters wanting to ask Beyonce about the butt slap might as well butt out. "No comment," was all her record label would say.

Beyonce is no stranger to administering a little booty love to her dancers, and getting it from her husband Jay Z, as he's done onstage before.

Beyonce seemed to reward Jay Z for his playful pat. Not so playful was how some overexcited fans acted in Belgrade, Serbia, pulling Beyonce's hair and touching her face.

Earlier this month, a fan rushed the stage where Justin Beiber was seated at the piano. Security instantly jumped in, knocking down the piano in the scuffle, while Justin calmly walked away performing. And who could forget Will Smith, when a Ukrainian prankster interviewer tried to kiss him.

"C'mon man, what the hell is your problem, buddy?" Smith responded, then laughed. "it's just awkward, Dave."

Oddest of all was when Britney Spears invited a guy from the audience on stage so she could perform a pole dance on him. He bit her.

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