Elburn girls collecting donations for OK Tornado victims

(Brad Hruza)

May 29, 2013 8:48:22 PM PDT
Help for survivors of the massive tornado in Moore, Okla. is coming from two suburban girls who were so moved by images of the disaster that they got to work.

On a quiet street in west suburban Elburn, there is a sign asking for donations to help tornado victims in Oklahoma.

Inside, two young volunteers are busy.

"I thought it was sad because, like, they had a nice town and then it all got destroyed," said student Kailey Davison.

"All those kids they lost their home...and they don't have any stuff anymore...so me and Kailey wanted to donate stuff to them," said student Payton Micka.

When they heard about this path of destruction in Moore, Okla., the girls thought about the children who lost everything.

"We have a lot...and you can donate a little bit...then they will start having things like they used to have," said Kailey.

Their classmates at Blackberry Creek Elementary joined them, donating sentimental items.

"A lot of kids wanted to help...there is a kid who donated his favorite pen that he loves with all his heart and he donated it to them," said Payton.

The girls hope people will donate books and other school supplies. You have one week to donate before these things head to Oklahoma.

"We have a place for you in our hearts...we still like you all and we believe in you all," said Payton.

The first round of donated items - for animals and pets - head there Thursday morning.

"This is just the physical supplies. We've also got a ton of monetary donations, not only to bring back dogs but bring back dogs with special needs," said Heather Owen, One Tail at a Time Dog Rescue.

Back in Kane County, this is about more than supplies.

"I think their town will be bigger and better," said Kailey.

It's a life lesson.

"We have a place for you in our hearts...we still like you all and we believe in you all," said Payton.

To donate, please contact: Brad Hruza, cell: 630-457-8243