Adaptive bikes change lives of students with disabilities at Batavia High School

May 30, 2013 (BATAVIA, Ill.)

It's hard to find a bike that will benefit a classroom of students with multiple physical and cognitive disabilities but a few weeks ago, one special bike became available.

Batavia High School's special education students are allow to ride in the hallways.

"These students are students that have multiple disabilities they have learning challenges that are very unique so our classroom is designed around meeting their needs," program coordinator Linda Coch said. "Most of our students are non-verbal so to see them smile and look at us is a big deal and it shows us that they really are enjoying themselves."

Teacher's aide Peg Frank came up with the idea of getting a bike for these students.

"I wrote up a proposal and we took videos of the kids on the bike that we borrowed and they showed it to the Rotary Club. At their next board meeting they unanimously decided to give the money to Mid-Valley get the bike for the kids," Frank said.

The bike cost over $3,500.

"What so unique about the bike is that the bike had special seats so our students can be strapped up right in to it. It has handles bars that can be adjusted closer We have velcro gloves that we can put on the handle bars," Coch said. The benefits are not just to have fun.

"It is that it give them the physical activity to give them the opportunity of movement because many of our children are in wheelchairs so it's nice for them to be able to get on a bike and go down a hallway and feel the movement of the bike and feel the wind in their hair," Coch said.

Teachers would like every student to have a bike at home and be able to bike with their families.

For more information please visit Creative Mobility's website.

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