Hockey 101: Pointers for new Blackhawks fans

May 31, 2013 (CHICAGO)

On Saturday, the Blackhawks begin the Western Conference Finals against the defending champion Los Angeles Kings at the United Center.

If you're not a tried-and-true hockey fan, you might want to learn more about the game if you plan on watching.

ABC 7's Paul Meincke has some tips to help you cheer on the hawks.

There's the crease, blue line, neutral zone, but for today's lesson, let's face-off with this one. Icing. What is it?

"Like a layer of ice. Water, cold frozen for ice," said Verland Morrow.

True, but more to it.

"When the puck passes two blue lines, and it hits the boards and the same player touches the puck, and that's icing," said Kabir Joshi, hockey player.

And the fans go wild. As a young hockey player, Kabir is being raised in the culture of a game that is very rough on the ice, but gentlemanly off it. Which begs today's main Hockey 101 question. How can these players beat each other up on the ice, and then when the series is over, they're all nicey nice and shake hands? C'mon. Aren't they tempted to just smack each other?

"No I don't think so. Usually that stays on the ice for the game. Once you're done you're kinda just congratulating each other for a good run and that's the end of it," said Viktor Stalberg, Chicago Blackhawks player.

"It's all sportsmanship. It's what makes hockey such a great game," said Kevin Keyes, Blackhawks fan.

"I gotta tell you, hockey players just take it to a whole other level. They are the greatest guys. They are not like you. Not like you, you understand?" said George Lemperis, restaurateur and hockey fan.

Lemperis breathes hockey and understands there's a time for toughness and a time for tenderness.

"Look at this. He's trying to beat me up here. This is terrible. No I'm not. Now are we supposed to shake hands after all this? Why not. Give it to me. You're a nice guy," said Lemperis.

And so ends the lesson.

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