Blackhawks fans ready for a Game 4 win in LA

June 6, 2013 (CHICAGO)

While the game is in sunny California, rainy Chicago is not giving in to sentiment that the Kings have the momentum- just ask real hockey players and people who like to watch them.

At Johnny's Ice House just east of the United Center, the lunch-hour rat hockey session is well-subscribed, a must-play for those that think they and the hawks still have it.

"You know three games in four days is always tough, but I am really looking forward to them picking up the intensity. They have a team built around speed and I think with another day of rest and a game they'll have time to acclimate in L.A. They're going to come out firing," said Nick Berg, hockey player.

"It is a really exciting time in the city right now, obviously there is a lot of electricity out there right, so there is a lot energy of people wanting to focus that energy upon playing hockey," said Vincent DeSantiago, hockey player.

Down Madison, the bars are set to host packed houses, especially where Coach Joel Quenneville is known to have a post-game pop.

"Everybody has been coming from every neighborhood. The further they make it in the playoffs the busier we are, I mean, away games I have never seen it this busy," said Katie Berka, Johnny's Ice House.

Across the street, the line to get into the Third Rail should be forming right about now. Night manager Jordan Goldberg says this year's post-season run feels more full of confidence than 2010's, the year the hawks won it all.

"You also get the bandwagoners that start showing up as they get further too, and all that does is add to the business, you know, you want to go somewhere where you feel the energy," said Goldberg.

Back at Johnny's, the anticipation for tonight's game is enhanced by feeling the entire sport is being lifted up in Chicago.

"We are trying to grow the sport in Illinois, so you know Blackhawks success translates into more kids playing hockey," said Berg.

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