Former U.S. Commerce Secretary Bill Daley a possible gubernatorial candidate

June 6, 2013 (CHICAGO)

One potential candidate who may challenge Quinn is Bill Daley. ABC 7 political reporter Charles Thomas talked with Daley Thursday.

Even before this week's credit downgrades, missing House speaker, and ever-worsening pension debt, Bill Daley had seen enough.

"I think what happened last Friday or didn't happen last Friday in Springfield has given me a greater energy about the need to get new leadership in the state," said the possible Democratic gubernatorial candidate.

Former Commerce Secretary and White House Chief of Staff William "Bill" Daley put most of the blame for the Springfield pension failure squarely on the shoulders of Governor Pat Quinn.

"The governor has to forge the compromise," said Daley. "He has to bring things to a point where something gets done."

"There's always sideline critics. I'm in the arena. I am working hard. I think anybody who has followed my public life knows that i work hard every day," says Quinn.

Daley, 64, is the youngest son of the late Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley and the brother of Richard M. Daley, who served as mayor until 2011.

Asked if his older brother's legacy, tarnished by parking meters, underperforming schools and fiscal problems, might affect the public's view of him, Bill Daley said: "If I decided to do this, I would have to make the case that I am not my brother, I am not my father."

He said possible candidate Lisa Madigan should think twice about becoming governor if her father mike is still Illinois House speaker.

"It may be easy politically to do. I think it is very difficult to do in governing the state," said Daley.

UIC political science professor Dick Simpson says a three-candidate democratic primary would benefit Gov. Quinn.

"It's much better than probably facing off one-on-one with either Daley or Madigan," said Simpson.

Daley--a millionaire former banker who could raise the money needed to run a statewide primary campaign...indicated he make a public decision shortly:

"I'll have some decision in the next number of days and will let you know whether I will move forward or not," said Daley.

There had been reports that Daley would not run if Attorney General Madigan declared. On Thursday, Daley said a Madigan candidacy would not affect his decision.

Finally, Simpson said the Daley name is so associated with politics in Chicago that William Daley would have a lot of convincing to do downstate.

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