Father's Day Craft Gifts

June 9, 2013 (CHICAGO)

Alaina Pearling, craft specialist at Michaels (www.michaels.com), came into our ABC7 studio to show us a few craft projects for kids.

Kids Club Father's Day Duck Tape Frame Event
Saturday, 6/15
10 a.m. - 12 noon
All Michaels stores
Admission: $2
can register day of at the store

Alaina's Craft Ideas:

1. Father's Day Mug
Creatology Mug Kit
Craft Smart Acrylic Paint, Gloss - Dark Blue and Pool Blue
ArtMinds Adhesive Dots
Creatology Foam Sheet - Green
Yarn - Black
Foam Pouncer
Pattern from michaels.com

1. Use a pouncer to paint the top of the mug Craft Smart Pool Blue. Also paint the inside of the mug.
2. Use a paintbrush to paint the bottom of the mug Dark Blue. Let completely dry.
3. Print pattern and trace fish onto green foam sheet. Cut out fish and add eyes and fins with a marker.
4. Use adhesive dots to attach to mug.
5. Place an adhesive dot on the top of a pencil and wrap with yarn. Tie on a string to resemble a fishing pole and attach a fish to the end of the yarn.

2. Grill Master Apron
Tulip Fabric Spray Paint - Primary 4-pack
Scribbles 3D Fabric Paint - Shiny 6-pack
Apron (Pre-washed and Dried) - White
Freezer Paper
Paintbrush, 1" - Flat
Plastic Table Cover, Disposable

Trace flames on freezer paper and cut out to create stencil. Iron stencil to apron.
Cover work surface with plastic table cover. Place apron on covered surface.
Spray red paint along the edges of the flames.
Spray yellow paint on the inside of the flames. Use flat paintbrush to blend the red into the yellow paint.
Spray blue paint along the bottom of the apron. Use flat paintbrush to blend the blue paint into the yellow paint. Let dry. Remove freezer paper stencil.
Use chalk to draw "GRILL MASTER DAD" on the apron bib.
Paint over the chalk lines with 3D paint. Let dry overnight.
Brush away chalk lines.

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