5 Foods to Avoid Feeding Dad

June 10, 2013

You can easily rev up the health of your brunch to boost immunity, fight aging and heal conditions to help dad look and feel his best by turning everyday foods into superfoods simply by avoiding these 5 foods at your table:

1) Processed oils vs. coconut oils
2) Vegetarian meats vs. Salmon Burger
3) White sugar and artificial sugar vs. Honey and Maple Syrup
4) White flour vs. Nut flours
5) Table Salt and Soy Salt vs. Celtic Salt and Coconut aminos

Oils: The most important nutrition decision you can make is to do away with unrefined and processed oils because they cause inflammation, which is the cornerstone of about every modern day disease, most importantly heart disease.

Vegetarian Meats: I call them "frankenfoods" because they are more of a "food product" then an actual food. They are simply processed gluten mixed in with a poor quality oil. Again, this creates inflammation.

White Sugar and Artificial Sugars: They deplete nutrients from the body creating "nutrient deficiency" or malnutrition. This leaves the door wide open for illness. To create health, you must be "nutrient sufficient" and you do this by putting real foods first. Honey and Maple Syrup are natural sugars that provide nutrients along with the sweetness.

White Flour: White flour is highly processed and causes and creates blood sugar problems. It's found in so many common everyday foods like breads, pastry, pasta, crackers and more. Most are sensitive to flour and feel bloated and tired after eating.

Super Salty: Salt can kill you, or make you well. Table salt is refined and will not move you towards health. Sea salt is full of minerals that all of the structures and functions of your body need to be well.



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