Blackhawks, Bruins fans shelling out for Game 1 of Stanley Cup Finals

June 12, 2013 (CHICAGO)

"We're gonna be there. It's standing room only, whatever, we are going to get there," said Dibenedetti.

The good news is ticket prices have gone down. Of course, it's all relative.

"The market came down a little, but is somewhere in the neighborhood of $350-370 and up," said Steve Buzil, Sit Close Tickets.

That's still too much for Bostonians Larry and Diana Kahn. In town for a conference, they plan to watch it on a big screen rather than pay up for tickets.

"I would like to go seriously, I woud, but I'll wait. They'll be in Boston in two days, when we're 2-0," said Kahn, Bruins fan.

Kahn is so confident about her team, she is walking around the streets of Chicago wearing bruin gold toe nail polish. But she can't get too far without running into lots of red and black.

The Hawks store on Michigan Avenue was packed. We caught former Hawk and Bostonian Tony Amonte inside.

"I think it's a great matchup. It really looks like it could be a tough series, it could go either way," said Amonte, former Blackhawks player.

Which is why many here did pay up and are going to the game Wednesday night.

"We drove 6 hours to come watch the game tonight," said Jamie Utermarck, Blackhawks fan.

Others are not going to the game or buying jerseys.

For Louis Dourlin it's not about the money, it's about superstition: wearing the same clothes on the same couch, with the hockey beard.

"My girlfriend has told me, 'Can you please trim some parts of it?' But I won't even do one hair. I won't even talk about my superstitions, I'm that superstitious. This is the first time I've even talked about it," said Dourlin.

Dourlin is so superstitious, he said, even if he was offered a ticket to tonight's game, he wouldn't change his routine.

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