Suburban firefighters held on sexual abuse charges

June 16, 2013 (MERRIONETTE PARK, Ill.)

The Merrionette Park firefighters are accused of trying to rape a woman who passed out at a party.

The accused firefighters were in bond court Sunday morning. Both Chicago residents are 24-year-old Marvin Buhle and 20-year-old Michael Haas.

According to what was stated in court, both firefighters were at a party in Mt. Greenwood Friday night where a girl and her boyfriend were also visiting. During this party, the girl who apparently had too much to drink was taken to an upstairs bedroom by her boyfriend to lie down.

According to the state's attorney, sometime later, after both Buhle and Haas had stated they were leaving the party, the boyfriend went to check up on his girlfriend.

Court records state that what he found was Haas standing in front of the closed bedroom and inside Buhle, attempting to rape his unconscious girlfriend.

Neighbors Sunday said they heard police arrive around 1:30 in the morning, though they did not, at the time, know the reason.

Both firefighters are now charged with criminal sexual abuse and attempted criminal sexual assault. Though in court their attorney denied the allegations, and insisted the encounter was consensual.

Those who know them insist both are good guys, with several family members in the Chicago Fire Department.

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