Hyde Park Career Academy students meet with President Obama

June 17, 2013 (CHICAGO)

Fourteen Hyde Park Career Academy students attended Father's Day luncheon on Friday.

President Obama went from table to table to meet with the students. The students also met with White House officials, and got a tour of the White House, the Oval Office and Washington D.C.

The students cannot stop talking about their experience and sharing their photographs. The students say it was an amazing experience.

"I wanted to go to the White House and I wanted to meet the President and that this is happening now I know that my dreams can come true," said Julius Robinson, Hyde Park Career Academy student.

"As we walked around the White House and now we have an African-American president it got to be a little bit emotional," said Antonio Ross , principal, Hyde Park Career Academy.

These students have not only met President Obama once, but three times.

"He actually enjoyed meeting us in February, and invited us to go to the White House. When I saw him again he reminded me about all the things I had told him, meaning his memory is very strong," said Lazarus Daniels, graduating senior, Hyde Park Career Academy.

Principal Ross talks about how the President went right up to him and remembered everyone.

"It really spoke volumes to the students that he listened and really cared," said Ross.

The students take part in a "Becoming a Man" program at the school which teaches them how to treat themselves, women and others with respect, and they certainly respect the President and all the people who surround him.

On Monday night, 240 seniors will graduate from the Hyde Park Career Academy and they will not forget their White House visit.

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