Jesse Jackson Jr., Sandi Jackson file sentence requests

June 17, 2013 (CHICAGO)

A court filing Monday said: "In the event that the court sentences Mrs. Jackson to a period of incarceration, Mr. Jackson respectfully requests that he be allowed to serve his sentence first… Mrs. Jackson would be able to work and could stabilize the family's finances."

The Jackson's said they may have to sell their homes in Washington, D.C. and Chicago to pay back nearly $750,000 to the government, plus fines.

Sandi Jackson is asking for leniency from the judge, citing her good works in the community, but prosecutors fired back.

In their own court filing, prosecutors wrote that she was a "highly compensated, elected official who job was to represent and to assist her constituents."

Jackson, Jr. plead guilty to looting his campaign fund to finance his lifestyle. Sandi Jackson pled guilty to not reporting the income to the IRS.

Both will be sentenced on July 3.

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