Pit pull puppy raised by a cat in Cleveland shelter

June 21, 2013 (CLEVELAND)

"Noland" was brought to the Cleveland Animal Protective League when he was just one day old. His outlook wasn't good, until veterinarians tried to get a cat to nurse him. Today, he's strong and looking good.

"It's just really good for animals to be part of a family," CAPL president and CEO Sharon Harvey said. "He was only a day old, and we needed to make some quick decisions."

Noland has been nursing with "Lurlene" the cat, alongside her three natural kittens. Harvey says the puppy has fit right in.

"She is being such a good mom- she feeds him, she snuggles him and she nurtures him," Harvey said.

Noland is already getting too big to be adequately fed by Lurlene, so he's being bottle-fed by a foster family at home every night. Weaning typically begins at 5-6 weeks, and Harvey says Noland could be as big as his feline "mom" by then.

Several people in the Cleveland area have expressed interest in adopting Noland, but Harvey says it's too early to consider a new family. "He seems to be thriving, but it's still too soon to stay. We're focusing on keeping him alive."

Well-wishers are asked to send donations to the shelter's "Second-chance program" which allows the shelter to give orphaned pets like Noland the proper care.

Still, shelter employees are enjoying the puppy while he's with them. "The coolest thing about this is that it's made everyone stop and enjoy the magic," Harvey said.

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