Man stabbed during mob attack near CTA Red Line Belmont station

June 23, 2013 (CHICAGO)

Fire Department officials said the man suffered from minor lacerations after an incident at 945 W. Belmont near a CTA Red Line station. The victim is in stable condition, officials said.

According to a witness, the man was chased by a mob of 30 to 40 people near the Belmont station. After being chased into an alley, he was attacked and stabbed in the eye with a glass bottle, the witness said.

An off-duty security guard from a diner near Belmont and Wilton ran out to help. He held the injured man in his arms and called for help, according to the witness.

"As a bystander today, it was kind of sad to see really. I don't know what prompted the action but to see one guy against a whole mob is just kind of cowardly in my opinion," said Brandon Reiser, witness.

Authorities have not confirmed the information provided by the witness.

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