July 4: Throw a Red, White and Blue party

June 24, 2013 (CHICAGO)

The experts at Party City show us what is trending this holiday and some easy entertaining ideas. To find a Party City location, visit partycity.com.

  • Stacked Pulled Pork – For a fun twist on presentation, we've served up pulled pork sandwiches in a tumbler. Simply stack baked beans at the bottom, then add the pulled pork and top it off with cole slaw.
  • S'mores Station – Set up a s'mores station for another easy handheld option. Place marshmellows ready to be roasted on wooden skewers and stick them in a flipped-over silverware caddy – even your everyday silverware caddy can serve a creative purpose in your display. Provide graham crackers and chocolate already ready to go wrapped in these paper napkin rings from Party City. It only takes :30 seconds to tie them around our snack and it looks amazing.
  • American Appetizers – To continue our handheld theme, we've put classic buttered popcorn in red and blue favor bags stuck inside a wine glass. These wine glasses add a little height to your display and guests can just grab and go as they head out to see the show.
  • Stars, Stripes and Spirits
    Boozy Popsicles – Boozy popsicles are all the rage this summer, so we recommend making red, white and blue layers popsicles. All you need to do is work layer by layer. Start with mixing each layer with vodka – kool aide for blue, lemon/lime soda for white and cranberry juice for red. Pour one layer in these star popsicle molds from Party City, let freeze, then continue with the next layer until you have all three.
    Cheap Beer Challenge – Another really fun drink station to have at your party is a cheap beer challenge. This blind taste test will see if your guests can correctly name all of the cheap domestic brews that we all love. Simply cover each can with butcher paper and then label each cup with the corresponding can to keep track of what drink is being tested. Provide a ballot for testers to guess and see who knows their beer the best.
    Patriotic Balloon Ices – Everyone always has a drink tin at their party to keep drinks cold, but we put a patriotic twist on presentation to dress ours up a bit. We just took red, white and blue balloons, filled them with water and froze them to form big ice cubes. These keep our drinks cold and look amazing.

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