Natural mosquito repellents, bug bite treatments

June 26, 2013

DEET is the gold standard of mosquito repellants, but side effects of long term use of DEET products have been connected to insomnia, mood disturbances, skin reactions and more. Consumers are seeking natural alternatives.

National Wellness expert, Dr. Ed discusses All-Natural Strategies to use this summer to keep mosquitoes at bay:

Natural Bug Repellents:
Lifestyle: No floral/fruit scents; No dark clothing
Citronella candles
Coconut, Geranium, & Soybean oils: Tested by USDA to be safe & better than DEET
Lemon-Eucalyptus Oil: Last for 6 hrs. Tested by Consumer Reports & New England Journal of Medicine Natural Ways to Treat Bug Bites:
Baking Soda and witch hazel paste
Tea tree oil
Cooled tea bags
Apple cider vinegar
Basil herb or essential oil
Crushed Aspirin

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