23 arrested during Blackhawks post-win violence

June 25, 2013 (CHICAGO)

There were a number of arrests and some property damage. Hundreds of gunshots were fired into the night sky right after the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup. Incredibly, no one was hurt by falling bullets.

However, when throngs of fans -- and just-plain-partiers -- began spilling onto North Side streets, Chicago police suddenly found themselves dodging cans and bottles.

All night, the I-Team was at the front line -- Clark Street in Wrigleyville -- where police were nose-to-nose to with some drunken, angry people.

In just minutes, Wrigleyville streets were saturated with bar patrons, people who came to celebrate, and others who seemed bent on causing trouble.

A barrier of Chicago police horses started moving the crowd south to clear Clark Street.

The first arrest came quickly, followed by another 22 arrests for disorderly or reckless conduct, and 21 tickets written for municipal violations.

Those taken away in handcuffs included one woman and several apparent Blackhawks fans. Some arrestees put up a fight and had to be subdued by teams of officers.

The crowd commandeered security fencing, using them as surfboards; until police retrieved the grates and moved people back to the sidewalks.

Authorities used loud sirens in an effort to control crowds, but some people pelted police with champagne bottles, nearly spooking the horses as glass exploded around them.

Some people were hurt by flying glass, one man banged on the head and knocked to sidewalk car. Car windshields were shattered and hoods pounded on and dented by revelers.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel Tuesday praised the Blackhawks and police, saying that some people crossed the line and police responded well.

Nearly three dozen businesses were vandalized in nearby Lincoln Park, from broken windows to looting.

It was a stressful, aggravating night for Chicago police, who came under attack by some who were supposedly there to celebrate a sports title.

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