6 injured in drive-by shooting near Uptown strip mall

June 29, 2013 (CHICAGO)

Six people, including an innocent bystander waiting at a bus stop, were wounded in the Friday shooting. All are in stable condition Saturday morning.

The strip mall's security guard says he kicked a group of young men off the property at least five times Friday, and warned them not to hang out or loiter because they could be targets. He said the youth replied they had guns and weren't worried.

A bit later he says shots rang out.

"One got shot. He's running, laughing. He got shot in the arm, he was running and laughing," Royal Smith, security guard, said. "My job, I warn a lot of people - but it's one ear and out the other. Now maybe you will listen to me now."

Employees at a phone store say some of the male victims were involved in a shooting there two weeks ago. Alderman James Cappleman said he recently met with police and the strip mall owner to make a safety plan, and they now plan to regroup. He said he wants cameras and more lighting in the neighborhood.

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