Police looking for man who shot 22-month-old, mom in West Englewood

July 1, 2013 (CHICAGO)

On Monday night, community activist Andrew Holmes and his organization announced they are offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in this case.

"I was sitting in my mom's van, me and my sisters, our kids was in the park. I just got my son back from going to church with my grandma and they turned, a red van turned the corner, just shooting," said Leslie Freeman, gunshot victim.

Freeman and her son were just spending the day at Murray Park with family in the West Englewood neighborhood. She said she remembers hearing ten to fifteen shots.

Freeman, 26, was shot in the arm and taken to Holy Cross Hospital. Her son, Demonte Freeman, was shot in the leg. His grandmother is with him at Mount Sinai Hospital.

"It could have been a lot worse . . . My kid, my grandkid are doing fine, so I'm alright," grandmother Sabrina Freeman said. She said doctors may leave the bullet in Demonte's leg for now because it didn't hit any arteries.

Leslie Freeman will have surgery at Holy Cross Hospital because of her shattered bones and broken wrist. Doctors say they may need to leave the bullet inside of her toddler son's leg.

"The neighborhood is really getting really bad. And [it's] a shame when kids can't go outside and just play, especially on a Sunday afternoon, just going to the park to play without getting shot at, and to have to be scared. The parents have to take them out of the neighborhood to go somewhere to play. It's just a shame," Pamela Burrell, victim's friend, said.

Witnesses say three men with guns and a driver pulled up in a red Dodge Caravan and began shooting at the women and children in the minivan.

"My other grandkids, they're scared now. They could barely sleep last night. They don't want to go back over [to the park]," Sabrina Freeman said.

Both mother and child were listed in stable condition and were expected to be OK.

Chicago police say they are still looking for the shooter, and claim the shooting is gang--related. Freeman says she is not affiliated with any gangs.

"It was just me and my sisters. We is not in any gangs at all, ain't no gang members, no absolutely not," said Freeman.

On Monday, police said they were still looking for the shooter who opened fire on the two victims, who were sitting in a minivan near Murray Park with other family members after playing in the park.

Superintendent Garry McCarthy also announced Monday that the number of reported shootings across the city is down, and so is the overall number of murders.

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