Attendance up at this year's Taste of Chicago

July 15, 2013 (CHICAGO)

The five-day event drew 1.5 million people to downtown Chicago's Grant Park before ending on Sunday. That's up from 1.2 million people last year.

City officials haven't yet said how much revenue the event brought in. But participating restaurants say crowds were hungry.

Tutto Italiano served nearly 58,000 pieces of toasted ravioli while Star of Siam served up about 100,000 pot stickers. And the Cubby Bear served more than a ton of chicken wings.

More Food Facts:
Abbey Pub
Corn ears

Stuffed Spinach Pizza
15,000+ Slices

Beat Kitchen
Empanada Chicken w/ Mole
12,000 Empanadas
Empanada Chorizo
9,000 Empanadas

Billy Goat Tavern
20,000 Cheeseburgers

BJ's Market and Bakery
Mustard Fried Catfish
10,400 lbs.
Peach Cobbler

Steak Tacos
32,000 served
Fish Tacos
14,000 served

Churro Factory
Funnel Cakes
20,000 pieces
10,000 pieces
10,000 portions

Connie's Pizza
32,000 slices

Cubby Bear
57 cases= 2,280 lbs.
BBQ Wings
70 cases

26,336 portions
11,960 ears of corn

Eli's Cheesecake
75,000 slices
Original Plain Eli's Cheesecake
25,000 slices

Flip Crepes
Nutella (Taste Portion)
10,000 crepes
Ham & Cheese (Taste Portion)
9,000 crepes

Franco's Ristorante
Lemon Italian Ice
975 gallons
Watermelon Italian Ice
750 gallons

Kasia's Deli
25,000 pierogi

Lao Ma La
Chicken Skewer w/ Hot Pot Sauce (Taste of)
7,000 skewers
Shrimp Skewer w/ Hot Pot Sauce
4,500 skewers

Oak Street Beach Cafe
Bourbon Chicken Slider
9,800 portions
Lobster Tail
6,000 portions

14,805 ears

Original Rainbow Cone
Original Rainbow Cone
30,000 cones & cups

Breaded Steak Sandwich v 15,000 portions
Boneless Buffalo Wings
12,000 portions

Robinson's No. 1 Ribs
Rib Tips
30,000 portions
Pulled Pork
30,000 portions

Star of Siam
Pot Stickers
100,000 pieces
Pad Thai Noodles
6,000 lbs.

Taco Joint (Pop-up)
Elotes (corn off the cob)
1,050 lbs.
Barbacoa Taco (beef)
500 lbs.
Tinga Taco (chicken)
500 lbs.

The Fudge Pot
Chocolate Frozen Bananas
26,000 bananas
Chocolate Strawberries
7,000 strawberries

Tutto Italiano
Toasted Ravioli
57,500 pieces
Italian Ice
17,000 servings
Fried Cheesecake
5,000 servings

Vee Vee's
Jerk Chicken w/ Red Beans & Rice
4,600 lbs.

Watermelon Lemonade Salad
7,000 lbs.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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