Super magnet arrives at Fermilab after cross-country journey

July 26, 2013 (BATAVIA, Ill.)

The Muon g-2 arrived Friday night at its new home at Fermilab in Batavia. A crowd had gathered to celebrate its arrival.

"We've prepared the power supply, and we prepared the refrigeration to cool the ring down, and then we supply voltage to it, run a current through it, and that turns on the electromagnet," said Hogan Nguyen, lead scientist, Fermilab.

The 50-foot wide, 15-ton super-conducting electro-magnet took a month to get here.

First it floated by barge down the east coast and up the Mississippi and Illinois rivers.

Then it rode a specially-designed truck that could travel at just 10 miles per hour.

Scientists at Fermilab will use the magnet to search for undiscovered particles.

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