Russia anti-gay law may spark Olympic boycotts

August 2, 2013 (NEW YORK)

Russia's new anti-gay laws ban some gay symbols. While that leads some people calling for a boycott of the winter games the country is hosting, other groups are urging athletes to show up in Sochi from February 7-24, 2014, in full force.

On Friday, the Russian sports minister warned that athletes and spectators could face fines, deportation and even jail if they violate the anti-gay law. Speaking about homosexuality around minors or displaying symbols like a rainbow flag in the public are illegal after the law was signed in June.

Two-time Olympian and openly gay American figure skater said he'll be there.

"I'll take proper precautions but at the same time I won't stop being myself. I won't stop being Johnny Weir the gay, fabulous ice skater," he said.

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