Child drowns in Naperville pond

August 3, 2013 (NAPERVILLE, Ill.)

"He was an angel, he was very nice, he was so attached to me," said Asghar Mohammed.

Fire officials say a pedestrian walking along the retention pond in Glenmuir Luxury Rental Homes complex in Naperville called 911 just before noon reporting that a small child was face down in the pond. Six-year-old Amer Khan was pronounced dead at Edward hospital.

"Apparently he must have sneaked out of the main entrance and ran into to the pool, and he got drowned," Mohammed said.

Mohammed said that Amer was his baby, the youngest of three boys, that he was a quiet child, but very happy, and he loved to play.

"He liked to play in water," Mohammed said. "He was a happy little boy. He just wanted to run around."

Naperville fire bureau chief Mark Thurow says everyone including the pedestrian who found the child tried to revive him.

"From the moment they passerby pulled him out of the pond, CPR was continuous, up until the point that he was pronounced at the hospital," Thurow said. "For the most part, retention ponds aren't deep, but they're muddy and they're mucky and they're not designed for people to be in, and that's the problem, to a child especially."

The father says his son was special child.

"He did not learn how to talk yet," he said. "He was just gorgeous. He was my son."

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