Sing with the band Chicago

August 7, 2013 (CHICAGO)

This event has become so popular that a second charity has been added, honoring Ron Santo.

"Vicki Santo understands the struggles of diabetes. Her baseball Hall of fame Husband, Ron Santo, a type 1 diabetic was passionate about helping others with the disease. To carry on Ron's legacy, she's started the Ron and Vicki Santo Diabetic Alert Dog Foundation.

"This is something to carry on Ron's legacy. He would have wanted this. If he'd have known this," said Vicki Santo, founder, Ron and Vicki Santo Medic Alert Dog Foundation. .

They're doing that with the legendary band Chicago! When fans bid to sing with Chicago during their concert, August 25, proceeds will benefit the Santo's foundation.

"The legendary Ron Santo, this is for his cause, Chicago! in Chicago, we're all die-hard cubs fans in one way or another!," said Jimmy Pankow, who plays the trumpet and is a founding member of the charity.

"We went into the broadcast booth and saw Mr Santo as he struggled to his feet to say hello to us, to extend his hand. We told him to not worry about standing up but he responded. Yes, I do, it's my honor to have you here. We all turned around and were wondering who he was talking to," said Walt Parazaider, who plays the woodwind and is also a founding member of the charity.

"I've always felt that being ablt to do something to help, with what those guys started and they brought me into is really amazing!", said Jason Scheff, who's head of vocals and bass in Chicago. .

"It's just a special special part of the concert that goes beyond entertainment," said Robert Lamm who plays the keyboard and is also a vocalist and a founding member.

"Chicago! will be at Ravinia August 24 and 25. To bid for your chance to get on stage and sing, you leave me now with the band, go to the The American Cancer Society "Sing With Chicago" website.

Proceeds from the Saturday concert go to the American Cancer Society and Sunday's proceeds to the Ron and Vicki Santo Diabetic Alert Dog Foundation.

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