Powerball winning numbers yield 2 $1M Ill. winners in Round Lake, Canton

August 8, 2013 (ROUND LAKE, Ill.)

The winning Powerball numbers were: 58, 5, 25, 59, 30, PB 32. The Illinois winners matched five of five numbers to win the $1 million prize. The tickets were sold in suburban Round Lake and in downstate Canton, Ill.

ABC7's Diane Pathieu shared the news with the workers at the Round Lake Amoco gas station where one $1 million ticket was purchased. They hope it's a local.

The other Illinois ticket was sold at a Casey's General Store in Canton.

Meanwhile, the big jackpot winners will split the $448 million jackpot.

The winning stores in Rond Lake and Canton will each receive a $10,000 bonus.

"Everybody was crazy in line with the Powerball," said Round Lake Amoco worker Marnia Chapai. "I've been here for five years, and we've never had a big winner. It's great, it's great."

"I wonder if someone knows they won. Right now, we should go around the neighborhood. Congrats whoever won!" said customer David Connelly.

Hundreds stopped to buy tickets there this week.

Ryan Alvarez says he and 18 others chipped in $5 each to play. They won $4.

"Here in Illinois, we probably sold through the run of this jackpot, which began In June, about $30 million and raised over $12 million in the common school fund. So a lot of good came out of this too," said Mike Lang, Illinois Lottery spokesman.

Many didn't win a cent back. But that will not stop them from buying the next time the big jackpot comes around.

"I bet you they sell another one, so I'm gonna keep on buying here," Connelly said.

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