Woman victim of alleged attempted sexual assault

August 9, 2013 (CHICAGO)

It happened early Friday morning. At about 3:20, the woman was asleep in her home when she awoke to find a man standing over her, apparently about to sexually assault her, or so she believed.

The victim is 54-years-old. Her screams apparently woke up another family member in the house, which prompted them to chase the suspect out of the home.

Officers were quickly on the scene and they were able to arrest the suspect as he was trying to leave the building.

Word of the incident is starting to spread throughout the neighborhood Friday night.

"I've definitely lived in this neighborhood alone as a girl and that's terrifying to hear," said Kaira Kristenbergs. "Those are things you hear on Law and Order, not in real life. So, terrifying, for sure."

"I've been here in this building for ten years and in this area for 20-some years and I've never had a problem," said Renee Marshall.

The suspect remains in custody. Police are continuing their work on the investigation. The States' Attorney has not yet approved charges.

The woman who was home was not seriously injured.

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