Jacob Nodarse sentenced in Darien triple murder of Kramer family

August 12, 2013 (WHEATON, Ill.)

Jacob Nodarse faced 45 years to life. The sentencing comes two years after he pleaded guilty but mentally ill to one count of murder.

Prosecutors dismissed additional murder charges against Nodarse in exchange for his testimony against the man officials say recruited him to kill the family, Johnny Borizov.

Borizov received three life sentences last month after emotional victim impact statements were read. Angela Kramer delivered her impact statement at the sentencing of her former boyfriend, Borizov.

Borizov was convicted of hiring his friend, Nodarse, 25, to kill the family of his ex-girlfriend. Nodarse was convicted of fatally shooting Jeffrey and Lori Kramer and their son, Michael, in March 2010. Daughter Angela Kramer escaped the deadly rampage in March 2010 by hiding in a closet, eventually escaping to call 911. Borizov has a son with Angela Kramer and was in a bitter custody battle at the time of the murders.

"I can still have flashbacks of myself hiding in my closet, so scared and fearful, and not knowing whether or not I will be killed, as I hear my family screaming for their lives right outside my door. Broken glass, pops and screams, leaving three special and important people in my life dead," said Angela Kramer in her victim impact statement.

"This is not the first or last time in our broken system an innocent man will be sent to prison, but I'll have to believe for the day when he's back in my arms," said Christina Borizov, Johnny Borizov's mother.

Members of the Kramer family wanted to make sure everyone understood their pain at the murders of 50-year-old Jeffery, 48-year-old Lori, and their 20-year-old son.

"They say they lost. . .I cannot see my son again unless I'm looking at a grave," said Judith Pokomy, victim's mother.

Borizov was videotaped by security cameras at a casino in Indiana as Nodarse carried out the shootings. Prosecutors say it was an elaborate alibi he set up. His family believes otherwise.

"I don't believe for a second that half of what was told was the truth. It's not the John I know and love," said Kate Borizov, Johnny Borizov's sister.

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