National Hot and Spicy Food Day

August 18, 2013

So what would be a good way to celebrate? Todd Rubin, Managing Partner at LeaderBar (, came into our ABC7 studio to show us how to make his Eld Diablo burger.

Chef Todd's Recipe:

El Diablo
Serves one
8 oz 80/20 angus beef hand formed
1 slice pepper jack cheese
2 oz Habanero Relish
1 oz sriracha mayo
1 oz yacateca habanero hot sauce
1 pretzel bun or 1 brioche (egg) bun

Cook burger to desired temperature
Lightly butter both sides of the bun and place for 90 seconds on grill (medium heat)
Sautéed sliced onions, jalapenos, and habaneros in a sauteed pan with Yucateca brand hot sauce on medium-high heat for 3-4 minutes.
Melt cheese on burger with top of grill down (about 1 minute)
Transfer burger to the toasted bun and top with habanero/jalapeño relish from the saute pan.
Add sriracha mayo

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