Prayer vigil held for Uptown shooting victims

August 21, 2013 (CHICAGO)

The church sits on the intersection of Sheridan and Wilson, the dividing line for two to three so-called rival gang territories, so when people came out of the church Wednesday night, they spread out on all of the corners to pray.

They gathered inside the Uptown Baptist Church, praying for an end to the violence that led to five people being shot outside Monday night.

The most seriously injured is believed to be 21-year-old Darius Oliver, whose girlfriend says he is brain dead and on life support.

"He had just went to his first day of work of his new job that day," said Brianna Williams.

Bullet holes through the dense steel traffic signal box mark the spot where a gunman opened fire with what police believe was an assault rifle, at least 20 rounds.

The shots hit five people.

After leaving the church they form small groups on each of the four corners of the intersection to sing and pray.

"It's hard to imagine when you walk down the street in the light of day and imagine that's what took place there," said Donna Crum.

Neighbors say the intersection separates two or three different territories claimed by rival gangs. Police say the shooting was gang-related, though many of the victims may not be in gangs.

"Now these gang bangers, they don't give a rip what time of the day, whether they're in front of a church or a school, whether they are 100 people on the street nearby," said Pastor Michael Allen.

Police have not confirmed that they have questioned anybody, however according to the Alderman's office, they do have three people that they consider persons of interest.

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