Sinkhole swallows tree after tree, water in Louisiana (VIDEO)

August 22, 2013 8:10:51 AM PDT
It is probably the most shocking video released of the situation in Assumption Parish, where a sinkhole has been swallowing land.

On Wednesday evening, the Assumption Parish Office of Emergency Preparedness posted on its blog video of land being swallowed into the hole and water churning. It was shot by OEP officials nearby, who said they saw the situation developing and clicked the record button.

You can hear them in the background of the video, shouting as trees and land sank into the water. It took seconds for the plot to disappear.

"The sinkhole continues to be active and grow," OEP Director John Boudreaux said. Boudreaux added that homes are not in danger, and they are updating people who live near the sinkhole often.

DOTD is planning an emergency route around the sinkhole for Highway 70, which runs near the disaster zone.