Navy vet fatally shot in South Side robbery attempt

August 27, 2013 (CHICAGO)

Burns was the father of two children and was working to get a college degree at Chicago State.

Burns, 33, was shot and killed in the 9100-block of South Commercial Sunday afternoon during a robbery as he was attempting to go into his apartment.

"He had broke his pelvis and was on a cane, so he was not able to fight. You cannot fight a gun, no way to get around that," said Katherine Burns, mom.

It's really hard, but we are going to get over it," Tina Burns, sister. "He was a good father, very good in school; he had one more year."

"The university has been very nice. They are honoring him with a plaque and are planting a tree in his honor. He worked with the youth," said Katherine Burns. "He was in Iraq War, Kuwait, Japan and he was fluent in Japanese."

The family says Burns was recognized by the Navy a number of times for his work in the service. He was going to college to become a counselor because he wanted to help others and was a loving father to his two sons.

"Everybody loved him," Katherine Burns said.

Burns was shot in the temple. Police say security cameras on the street helped lead them to a suspect. His mother says in order to heal, she has forgiven the gunman who took her son's life

"May God have mercy on him and his family. I forgive him. I harbor no ill feelings for him because I have to heal. There was something broken in that man; there was nothing broken in my son," Katherine Burns said.

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