Humboldt Park man attacked by 3 home burglars

August 28, 2013 (CHICAGO)

One man is in the hospital after police say he was robbed and beaten in his own home around 6 a.m. Wednesday.

A police source says three suspects forced their way into the home on the 2600-block of Potomac and forced the victim to let them inside, stealing his wallet and other valuable items. During the robbery, they hit the victim, who suffered injuries to his face.

Then the 30-year-old victim's roommate woke up and scared off the suspects.

Police say the victim is in stable condition Police have not yet released a description of the suspects.

Humboldt Park resident Viera Montanez has security cameras on the front steps of her home. Just about the time of the home invasion, they captured two men running away from the crime scene.

"And that's when about six, I saw the ambulance and the police drive up. And I told my husband something must have happened," Montanez said.

"He's going to be fine. We're trying to do the best thing so he can be OK," said Natalia Preciado, landlord.

Preciado said she's concerned about this latest break-in to the building she lives in.

"I have been here seven years, and we always have break-ins, all the time. We always call the police, but they tell us they can't do anything," she said.

Longtime residents say this area has generally improved over the years, but lately things have begun to change again.

"We have a neighborhood watch that we all talk to one another on Facebook, we have a little closed group, and we'll keep each other informed about what's going on in a certain block radius," said Melissa McLoud

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