Anna Dominguez uses adhesive tape to create art

August 28, 2013 (CHICAGO)

"I was four years old when I first discovered I had a gift in drawing and it just carried on from there," Dominguez said.

After college graduation, Dominguez decided she wanted to do something different. So three years ago she started experimenting with tape of all colors- which she slices and shapes into varied kinds of art. No paint at all. Just tape.

"I was looking for a new technique, I would say, besides painting and drawing and I started to play around with tape and this is the first one I ever did and it came out great and I got good results and I continued to do it," Dominguez said.

She's currently working on a three-month project for Scouts, a bar in the South Loop. She uses her artist's eye to create portraits with colorful rolls of tape.

"They're difficult," Dominguez said. "But I draw them out first and then I put them on tracing paper and that's basically what my guide is when I go to use the tape, and cut it out. So I know where I'm cutting and I know where the different shades and different lights are."

Dominguez's artworks cost between $100 and $5,000. Find her work at

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