Shark attack drags determined fisherman out to sea

August 29, 2013 5:37:10 AM PDT
A Texas fisherman is lucky to be alive after nearly becoming shark bait.

Roger Proulx was in a small kayak when he hooked a seven-foot black tip shark. He's no stranger to sharks. In fact, he fishes for them. But he got an unlikely surprise when the 200-pound shark he caught began to drag him miles into the Gulf of Mexico.

"Well, I didn't know it was a shark at the time. My line just bent right in half. And I was enjoying it. I was so happy, I was like, 'Oh yes, this is great.' The thing is, it started setting the drag a little tighter, and all of a sudden my kayak starts going deeper and deeper, like into the middle of the ocean. So then I started going, 'Holy smokes. This is unbelievable. This is crazy,'" Proulx said.

Even still, he hoped to reel in the shark, but his line snapped before getting back to shore.