Judo Without Limits

August 29, 2013 (CHICAGO)

Judo student take training seriously and have a ton of discipline.

Sensei Brett Wolf is one of the founders of Judo Without Limits.

"We started working with athletes with disabilities in 2009 and in that time we've built 6 or 7 programs specifically geared towards other integrating athletes with disabilities into our able-bodied programs or having programs specially for people with disabilities," said Wolf.

He says that there is no off season when it comes to Judo.

" We have athletes training and competing in very high level representing the United States in major international competition on the mat with people with disabilities who also compete for the United State of Major Paralympic competitions," said Wolf.

Sara Luna, 16, is legally blind. Her dream is to qualify for the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio and represent USA.

"I competed in three international world championship tournaments and I won three silver medals representing my country," said Luna. "I have been doing judo for a long time, trained really hard and I've been really dedicated and I obtained the wisdom and skills to obtain this belt to obtain this color."

"We have participants who use it as a recreational exercise or activity but if you want to push yourself and try to achieve a high standing in competitive judo we can take you," said Wolf.

Judo Without Limits meets on Chicago's North Side.

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