Family of cop killed on bike spread safety message

August 29, 2013

Brian McDevitt, 30, worked in the city's West Englewood neighborhood. In June, the married father of two young kids was just a few minutes into one of his long bike rides when he was hit while crossing into a forest preserve near 135th and Ridgeland in Palos Heights.

Officer McDevitt's parents say they don't blame the driver, but they do hope their son's death will cause people to be more cautious.

"I'd like awareness to the motorists that are driving, to be more aware of the cyclists, and I'd like the cyclists to be more aware of the motorists," said Brenda McDevitt, accident victim's mother.

"Cars and bicyclists are both here to stay, so they have to learn how to coexist on the same roads," said Kevin McDevitt, accident victim's father.

On Monday, McDevitt's family, fellow police officers and cyclists will take part in a slow bike ride near the accident scene. They'll leave behind what's known as a "ghost bike" as a memorial to their son and a reminder to others to bike and drive safely.

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