Grilling Breakfast for Labor Day

September 1, 2013 5:18:22 AM PDT
Labor Day weekend is all about getting together and grilling. Of course, there are the burgers and brats, but you can throw so much more on the grill -- like breakfast!

Chef Chris Pandel, executive chef and owner of The Bristol joined us to demonstrate a few recipes.

Grilled Ham Benedict with Mustard Hollandaise

Serves 4
4 ea English Muffins
8 oz Sliced Smoked Ham
8 ea Poached Eggs
8 oz Mustard Hollandaise
1 T Whole Butter

Butter the interior of the English muffins and grill until golden brown.
Place the ham on the grill for one minute each side just to warm through.
Assemble the benedict with the English muffin on the plate first, followed by the ham.
Place one poached egg on each English muffin half and sauce.